Changing the location of the drive

I wanted to make a request for the change in location of the upcoming Accenture drive,I mistook the location of the drive for the location preference.Can someone please help me change the location of the drive to Pune from Bangalore, kindly revert.

hey i also applied for it… please ping me on 7416633712 (watsapp) regarding accenture drive

and regarding location go to edit your application and change the location… if u face any issue just ping me …change it asap

I am not getting any options to edit the application

once ping me … i will do it through teamviewer

yes you are right… now even i am not getting edit option although i got in morning…

do one thing contact accenture regarding it they will definitely help out.and @anushka198 i need one help regarding Bangalore… ping me if u can help me out

Hi! Were you able to change it? Please help me as i also wanna change my event location!

Do you know the contact details of Accenture? I m also having the same problem.

Once contact me on wassap at 7416633712 … Will help whatever is possible

I also did the same mistake.Did anyone of you tried to contact the elitmus helpline?please help if you get any solution to this problem.

Yes, you can change the location by selecting the decline option and they’ll ask u the reason for same, select the location not favourable option and they’ll give you the option to change your location.

decline from where , where’s that option

Go to view application and then you’ll have two options, accept and decline, just select decline

hi please edit my drive location

@anushka198 I am not able to see accept and decline option. Can u please help me out?