CGI UX / UI 22nd Aug 2016 drives letter offers


I have got mail show shortlisted attended interview call for CGI UX/UI drive on 22nd Aug 2016 at Bangalore,i got the attended interview call but now till i would like to appear to the company in CGI UX/UI ,how to change the If will get got mail shortlist then will receive the interview message with confirmation to interview offer letter joining after getting chance attended interview call ??? If get confirmed the address verification mail with received Does joining letter offers. Can anyone i got confirmed help me please help…


improve english

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Did anyore whose did you have your attended interview 22nd Aug 2016 joining letter offers?


what is your percentile…in all three sections…would u pls tell me


Verbal - 41.99
Problem Solving - 60.00
Quantitative - 37.20
CGI chances for getting an shortlisted interview calls…


is UX/UI profile different from the ASE?


YEAH… CGI UX/UI Design & IT- Development ASE interview only




Though i had attended the interview call for ASE on 16th of july…it is showing an option to apply again for the UI/UX drive on 22nd aug. so cn i attend that drive?


whatever i think, u r not eligible for any CGI drive for 6 month @divyansh_2876444, U can confirm from others…


No ASE … I may be wrong should ask job Search elitmus ASE different directly CGI…


Can mechanical student can join in cgi


I have attend the interview call for CGI drive on 22nd Aug 2016 at Locations Bangalore now after If will get got mail shortlisted then will receive the interview message with confirmed only the address verification mail i received admit cards letter call offer…ThankQ


Bro…can mechanical student will get selected for cgi


i had 59 agreegate % , is im elgible to write elitmus…and if i write does interview call comes.


How do you know?? Did you ask CGI UX/UI Hiring got been shortlisted people?