CGI OFFER LETTER 16th July Drive


I attended CGI drive on 16th july and on 21st july I attended my HR round and few days after that got a mail from eLitmus regarding some address details and after that got a confirmation mail from eLitmus that I was selected. After that did not recieve any mail from CGI till date but few of my friends have already joined on 8th Aug.
I tried calling the CGI office but it was all in vain no one answered.
So if anyone is going through the same thing reply here.


me too…no offer letter till now


any of your friends got?


I have been dealing with the exact same problem. But I managed to talk to someone from CGI and they told me I’ll be put in the next batch. I just don’t know when that’s going to happen. At least they could have sent some kind of confirmation letter from their company directly. They should do that.


I guess they are sending alphabetically…or what i dont know…its ■■■■ frustrating.


Btw I went on 16th, too. And I don’t think they’re sending people alphabetically.

08066422222 This is their number. Contact them tomorrow, and ask them about the status. Also, when you reach the operator, tell him/her any CGI HR’s name you know. If you don’t, tell them you want to talk to Mr. Naveen Krishnappa. Let him know about your situation, and let me know what he says. I’ll do the same AGAIN.


I have been trying to reach Naveen but he isn’t available maximum times. I don’t understand what these people are doing.


Has any of your friend got the offer letter?


Keep bugging them That’s how they’ll respond. I had to keep calling them for days. Then i could somehow reach Naveen, who twice told me he was in a meeting, before he talked to me eventually. I’m ■■■■■■ off myself, but it’s us who need the job.

Also, don’t rely on them. Go for other companies. You never know what CGI might or might not do.


Someone who went there on the same day as us has got the offer letter, as far as I’ve heard. I know two other people who have gotten selected in CGI, but are yet to receive the letter, just like us.


Two of my friends have actually joined and they got selected on 16th only…My HR was on 21st.


So was mine. I guess we will be put the next batch, hopefully.


hmm…lets hope for the best.


hii i too attended on the same day…did u got date of joining