CGI Joining date


It has been informed to me that the date of joining would be 8th August and I had submitted all the documents. But till now there is no notification from the company side. Do anyone having the same situation??


whwn did you receive the address verification mail and the date of joining mail??@suraj


I received it on 29th july…


did you get the address verification mail and the offer letter on the same day??


Yes…i got both the things on the same day.


Hey suraj

I too have not received any mail from the company yet and calling them is of no use they do not attend the calls


igotaddress verification mail andcongratulations mailon aug 9th…when can i expect offer lettere


I got both the mails 3 weeks back and it is going to be 4 weeks now and they have not send any mail yet.


Talking about it here won’t help. Call them each one of you. When multiple people will start doing this, then only they’ll respond and maybe do something about our situation.
If they tell you that they’re busy or something else, call them later. And when they finally agree to answer your questions, ask them about the offer letter and the joining date of the next batch. Our careers are on the line. We deserve at least some answers.


I just called them. They told me the next batch will start from 29th of August, and we’ll receive the offer letters one week prior to joining. :slight_smile:


siddharth plz open your inbox(facebook)


got my offer letter and my date of joining is 29th of this month


what are chances to be select in CGI with percentile

Problem Solving–96.5


@nalivela_3183194 what was your score


@indresh_2743122 : you will get the call for sure


i got the offer letter and my joining date is 29


I too had called them on friday and they said they will let me know :frowning:


when did you appear for CGI?


Did you receive the offer letter from Naveen??


Did you talk to Naveen on friday?