CGI interview rounds and questions..?

Is anyone having any idea about the no. of rounds for CGI and the questions they ask generally?
please help my interview is on 17 September
thanks in advance :slight_smile:

yes there will be a written test of aptitude and then a GD after that 2 technical rounds and one HR round.

okay @pankaj_2951777
could u pls tell me what kind of questions they ask in aptitude and technical??

we have appeared the aptitude test already …which is our ph test…so if u r shortlisted den d process will now commence from gd round…followed by two technical round…den finally the hr round…

after appearing the ph test , u again appeared for another aptitude test?

ya lol true @biswapriya_3204834 :relaxed:
i don’t wanna appear fr that anymore :sweat_smile:

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my interview is also on 17 th. plz tell me the level of all rounds. hw was the apti. & in which round there’s much elimination.

Even I too need to know above the rounds. Especially the aptitude. Whether is it going to be like normal aptitude test or eLitmus test ? Please let us know guys. Thanks in advance.

Have u nt appeared the elitmus pH test? If u have den y dere would be another aptitude test…I already mentioned d process will commence 4rm gd round…

can i change my location now for cgi process which is on 17 th Sept.

@pankaj_2951777 have u cleared all the rounds of CGI?
could u pls give me a brief abt situation based questions?..
and anything abt any round u remember…

@biswapriya_3204834 they will conduct an aptitude test round
its written in the call letter!

guys is their any change in 17 sep interview date…?
in my dashboard the event date is showing 24 sep now
what to do ?

Oh ■■■■…one more? Do u have any idea abt difficulty level of this test? Will it comprise of quant, reasoning n verbal?

@pooja_3194100 yes the dates has been postponed and changed to 24 ,rest all remains the same

the process will end in 1 day or it will take more than that? plz tel me
@pankaj_2951777. bcz i am coming from Nagpur. so i need to knw

Ya im also havng my interview with cgi the same day 24th.Does anyone know the level of apti? Is it like ph test?

yes they conduct there own aptitude test.
I cleared the interview.
In situation they given me that if you are given a project in .Net(as my background is from JAVA) then what you will do. I said i will learn from my seniors at work.then he make situation or worse like if they are not helping then what you will do.
like this situation. and general question on OOP concept prepare OOP concept very well, and programs on OOP concept also.

yes it will take only one day

please share the topics to be covered and the books to use for preparation ? Is RS Agarwal enough ?!