Cannot upload my rough sheet - Only 30 minutes were given after completion of test

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I am not able to upload the rough sheets. Since it’s showing that uploading time is over.

It took time to write credentials on all the sheets as per the given format and then transfer them into PC. I had to cut and crop the surrounding background from images.
E-litmus must have given at least 1 hour. There are so many sheets and they all need to be formatted according to the sample format. I just uploaded 1 min delayed and it’s showing that Uploading time is over. It’s totally unfair. Kindly look at the error.

My test registration number : EL550250088063
Please allow me to upload the sheets.

Email at Also you should have written the credentials beforehand to avoid shortage of time. I knew this would happen with me so I was prepared.

Can you please explain in detail what and where should write on rough sheets? my test is scheduled for tomorrow. PLEASE HELP !!!

Even I faced the same issue but while giving DEMO TEST, will it have any affect or will they provide me actual test credentials.

No for demo test, we dont need to upload the rough sheet., My exam is on 22nd october 10AM