Can we apply for a company without taking PH test?

I’ve applied for some companies but I don’t have ph score…will they consider my application?

No. In fact, you won’t even get the job details or link for application.

No… I have applied …without ph score for attrio and for some other company it says ph score is mandatory!

as of now…status says ‘applied’

Oh I see. When I have appeared for the first time in eLitmus and my score was not released, I wasn’t even able to view the companies hiring.

moreover I’ve experience in automation field…I know python,selenium and all…so I thought my resume has some value even without ph score

Well, Adarsh I told you what I know. I don’t know then why I was not able to apply.

How many times we can write elitmus test …if it’s more than 3 times…Will get the call or not

Hi have you got any calls before test? Or have you got after taking test. Please let me know