Can I get more than one offer from eLitmus?

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What if I got selected in an interview but wish to attend another company, will elitmus let me do that, in case I withdrawn my interest from first company?

See ,If you got an offer , you can apply to another Company until you dont join that Company.
But if you join, then you shall be placed under moratorium for a period of 2 years and will not be considered for future job openings through eLitmus.
P.S. Moratorium period is lifted after 2 years of your joining or you can request for moratorium to be lifted by submitting your relieving letter to Elitmus office.


Thanks for the reply, but suppose I am got selected in company “A” but I did not accept the offer letter and wish to apply in company “B” through Elitmus , is it possible ?

Yes, you can apply to other companies.:slight_smile: