Can I get call from any company with this score

I have scored
Verbal: 85.68%, Problem Solving: 86.84%, Quantitative: 88.89%.
So what are my chance …
and my college not in accenture college list thn any chance to get call from accenture??

You have a great ph score, but still accenture considers candidates only from college list.

I have one more confusion
This score I have get after more than one attmpt and I have applied with the old pH score than now I can’t able to apply with this score.
So my question is
Is it required to apply again with new score or company self consider best score from my profile ?

Just applying to a job is only in your hands, Which ph score to consider is in their(elitmus or company you applied) hands.

Sure you will get many calls for more details read this■■■■■-e-litmus/

Verbal 74 quant 70 problemsolving 72 is this a good score or I have to give another attempt ??

Good score no need to take a retest just sharpen your technical skills that’s it