Can I expect calls through my given ph score

Quant 92 perc
Logical 50 perc
Verbal 29 perc


Quant 50
Logical 10
Verbal 22.3
total 82.3

Appear once…try to score 120+… practice logical from,and for verbal practice from any standard website…all the best👍

Ok ty so much☺

Can anyone tell me whether I should expect some calls from the company or not as my percentile is
Quant-73% verbal -83% logical-86%
Total score:137

Good score Sachin. You will get calls.

okk… But i did’t get call from Aptean and Surya software Systems…

Hi …from last couple of days i am not getting any call.and they start recruiting 2018 batch as a fresher(intern).

Sir, Can you suggest any best book ?

For logical prepare from
Foq quants,arun sharma,m4 math
For english any standard website in enough
Prepare atleast for 15 to 20 days,try to score min 140+,try to avoid negative marks in each section.all the best

If u need samole paper ping ur email id…

150+ score is sufficient to get enough calls.

Ok sir I will do my best

plz check ur mail

Ok sir

I have a percentile of 94.92 in quant, 79.98 in problem solving and 36.71 in verbal? .Is there any chance of getting a call from an IT company for software engineering post? .I am currently in final semester of in computer science CGPA: 8.24.Total score in eltimus is:123.75

Yes, you will surely get some calls.
Some companies might not call you as their cut-off is high, example 90 %ile in all sections. But this cut-off varies from company to company. I have got calls even with just 70 %ile in PS.

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Thank you for your response wali sir .One more thing will my low percentile in verbal significantly reduce my chances of getting calls from tech companies ?