Can ECE passout built his career in IT?

If an ECE passout wants to build a career in IT but he doesnt know progamming languages except C/C++ then will company like ACCENTURE hire him?

Why not! Many of the EC students are get selected into these service based companies every year.
Just know the basics of the programming language as u mentioned c,c++ .And should know basic coding like printing even no,prime no,palindrome etc.
Its a very easy task if you already know.
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Sir i am not able to get a job in it company as i m a student of ece final year student and last month i gave elitmus test for the very first ti,e and i got a percentile of 93 in problem solving , 89 in quantitative and just 40 in verbal and my percentage til 7 sem is 69 without back log as i am from a non it background only have some theoretical knowledge of Core Java .What are my chances to get a job sir?

See since i am also a Student here ,applying for jobs.
What i noticed here is there are majority of companies who are here for CS/IT background student.but also there are companies for Other Background.So either Apply into them ,if you want to b in EC stream only . There are Such good companies who offer above 5 Lacs to EC/EN students. So either apply into them or if CS interests you then make your basics more strong in JAVA . Work on DS and Algo .
I hope you find it useful .
All d best! :slight_smile:

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