Can any one explain me about elitmus briefly...?

can any one explain me about elitmus briefly…???

Elitmus is a beacon light of hope to those who turn out of their graduate school either without any job offer or with a job with a package to live from hand to mouth.

While there are students who make into good graduate schools, there still exist countless numbers who though talented and smarter, cant pave their way into colleges that help students attain their cherished goals of attaining that professional life which everyone yearns for. These students are left high and dry, sitting before their computers and struggling to submit their resumé(I being one of them :frowning:) . This is the place where elitmus comes into picture.

Elitmus is a private company headquartered in Bangalore that is responsible for conducting a pH test . This pH test assesses candidate’s ability to solve analytical, verbal and mathematical problems.

Elitmus doesnt provide any of those voluminous services that those MNCs do, but whatever it does , deserves a standing ovation.
Usually, before getting into companies to get recruited, one has to undergo tedious red tapisms-uploading resumé, updating, applying for jobs on career section of companies but these seem to go in vane unless you have an experience in your repertoire. Elitmus rescues you from all these tediums.

The process is simple, take a test that encompasses three sections-Quantitative Ability, Problem solving ability and Verbal Ability(you need to pay the sum to get the slot booked) and if you ace out these three sections by commendable scores, companys to which you apply calls you for an interview.

In a nutshell, elitmus acts as an interface between you and world’s top MNCs, thereby helping you attain your goals and cutting down company’s efforts and time it spends in garnering worthy and substantial candidates.

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