Can 2016 passed out student can get job

is there any hope??

Well i can assure you that there is no hope but the surety that if you are in fact channelizing your efforts in the right direction you will for sure get a very decent job.

For an instance, let me ask you a question, how many hours do you spend on a daily basis to sharpen your skills which are required to ■■■■■ an interview. To elaborate, i am assuming that you are looking for a job in IT/Software Engineering, then i want to know, how many hours a day you code ?.

I am a 2016 pass-out student just like you, and as of now i have been working as a Quality Assurance Engineer at Novell/Mirco Focus Inc from past 5 months, and i didn’t got placed through college On Campussing (i come from a 3-tier college), i left for Bangalore from my hometown in West Bengal the very next day when my college studies got over, didn’t wasted any time. Hunted for Job for 4 months (July,August, September,October, November) and if you are in IT you are always going to struggle so i am still struggling :slight_smile: and finally landed a Job.

I can understand the pain and the in-security of being Job-Less but believe me this struggle and pain will only make you stronger and better, and in-fact there are people of 2014 and 2015 who will be getting placed this year, yes that’s true, so just work on your skills, give your best short at the interview and always be prepared for the worst.