Call letter from Accenture or Cisco

Can i get a call letter from accenture or cisco.
My score is verbal 75%le.
Qauant 88%le. And prob zolving 89%le

Anyone know the required criteria for Cisco…for 10th and 12th percentage

If your full mark is more than 100 then you will get call from. Accenture

do u know when accenture is coming in elitmus ???


does cerificates needed to write elitmus

When is cisco coming to eLitmus?

are you sure that we will get a call from accenture if our total score is more than 100…i have 45 in english, 48 in quant and 15 in logical reasoning…these are my MARKS in each section…please do reply.,.do u know anyone who has got a call if his score is less than 110?

my total score is 112. is there any chance of getting a call from accenture??

can anybody tell why i am not able to login to with elitmus id and password

Because the portal is open only during the test window. Besides that it doesn’t work I also tried it. During Motorola test it only opened when the test was scheduled.

i think you will get call…my frnd scored 103 got february.
i dont know the criteria they will set for 2016 year passed out.