Call from nirvana

Anyone got the call from nirvana?

nope…not yet

I have. Can any one help me out over the process of written technical exam that what type of questions I need to prepare, its my first interview call through elitmus.

what was your percentile ?


should even expect a call at this time …i mean last day to apply is 7th aug right ?

I got a call from nirvana . they take programming test on hackerearth followed by multiple technical interviews.

when did you get the call and what was your percentile ?

I got the email on 4 august at approx 11:30 pm.
Aptitude -97.33
Reasoning - 93.87
Verbal - 76

Even I got a call.
Any idea how many in total got a call?

I just got a call too… Not sure how many got it though

its my first interview… so i was wondering if tomorrow is only coding round or there will be technical/hr round too ?

Anyone got the final results from nirvana?

You gave your HR and 2ndTechnical interview?

Yeah, on the same day

How was it…What the asked…Was it dominantly HR or Technical

No I am also waiting

which type of questions they ask…any idea …??

They take too long !!! Do they offer job really??