Call for Optimus Information

Have anyone attended the drive of Optimus before? Please describe the interview procedure.

Have you get call from Optimus?

Yes. I applied on 20th august.

First round is an online test on hackerearth.
If i remember correctly it had 30 apti(quants + logical) questions and 2 coding questions.
The level of quants was easy(simple formula based) and the level of logical was medium(seating and arrangement problems)
The two coding question were of medium level when i attended the drive the two qs were:

  1. A new browser is made which puts www. and all the vowels in the name of the site by itself(.com has to be entered by user so o in .com is not added automatically) for eg: can be accessed by only typing
    So the user had to tell how many characters are automatically added in the website name over total number of characters.
    For eg: input-
    Output- 8/17
    Total char in the website are 17. www. aeea are automatically added
    Output- 7/14

  2. Second ques was a little tricky the ques was to find the hardness qoutient of a sentence which is found by a formula
    qoutient = 5.hardWords - 2.easyWords
    A hard text has 2 props:
    i) the number of consonants is greater than vowels in the word(if equal the word is easy)
    ii) if there are 3 consecutive consonants the word is hard.
    For eg: input- qiewldoaa life ace by fantasy
    Output: 11
    Hard words:
    qiewldoaa(3 consecutive consonants)
    By(2 consonants 0 vowels)
    Fantasy(5 consonants 2 vowels)

Easy words:
life(2 vowels 2 consonants)
ace(2 vowels 1 consonant)
5.3-2.2= 15-4= 11

Then after the test you have to w8 for sometime you can eat in the cafeteria till then. The food is free for the candidates.(the food is not so good though :stuck_out_tongue: )

In the interview it is totally dependent on the interviewer what he wants to ask. I didn’t know php and didn’t even mention it in the resume but she continued asking me questions from php so i was rejected.

I hope it helps. All the best :slight_smile:
And yes the admit card will say to bring as essay and video resume. Its totally unnecessary so dont bother about it.

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Thanks a lot bro.

Optimus,…easiest exam i have ever taken…even easier than the exam for accenture…coding exam is way too easy more like a college test…wherein they just test whether you can write code or not…no logical complexity in the questions…i cleared these rounds and in the tech interview, he simply asked me what i know, i told him that i know data structures and OOPS. Asked me to write the code for string palindrome, Thats it, had my HR with an Old person, i guess he was the MD. Rejected me because i could not tell him the complete working of Optical Fibre Communication. He told me i am not sincere enough because i didnt study electronics even after being from ECE. The fact I sincerely learned the required skills for the job and was good at coding and logic didn’t account for anything. I was laughing when HR told me that he rejected me. I was probably happy that i wont be working under such naive management coz i would have joined had they selected me…i had no other offer at that point.