Bangalore or delhi which is better

friends, my score is 91%ile ,90%ile,76%ile. I live in Delhi .should I go to Bangalore or stay in Delhi ?
since in Bangalore, there are more opportunities.
is there equal opportunities in Delhi?
please tell me what should I do .

mil jayegi aarma se delhi mai. delhi is more comfortable than banglore. stay in delhi and work in any mnc at gurgaon.

YA uu have good %tile…it would be fine if u have been in bangalore
but no issue with it… stsy in delhi as many companies r there in noida and gurgaon also…

can uu callout ur marks sectional wise???

@deepak… i was in the same situation 1.5 month ago…beleive me you need to come to bangalore. my percentile was verbal(89), Reasoning(96.5) and quantitative(91.2)… most of the companies conduct interviews only in bangalore… i was lucky,got selected in CGI… that was my first interview in bangalore…yes there is more competition here…so are the opportunities…you just have a look on the jobs posted by elitmus and see their locations,you will understand. all the best.