Bad academics but good pH score

One of my friend has 55% in BE but good pH score i.e.above 80 … so what are his chances to get calls from the companies ??

I got 58% in BE but scored 99.44,99.62 & 83.45 percentile in Logical, Quant & English respectively. Right not working in Cisco thanks to Elitmus. So, Do not lose hope. I got multiple calls from Elitmus inspite of bad academics. I was called for around 12 interviews while i attended only 3-4 of them before getting placed in Cisco. So, All the best.


You had any prior sound technical knowledge?

Nope. Normal college training etc. In fact mine wasn’t any elite institute as well. But yes, In my summer training I made few projects & all by myself so had knowledge about networking

can you tell me at what time CISCO comes here (elitmus) to hire?? i mean in which month…???and my score is 93,84 and 45 in verbal, quant, and logical resp… will i get the invite for interview at this score??? do u have any idea about that??

Any chances if one knows only the basics and no project has been made by the person himself?

Cisco usually don’t hire through elitmus. Mine was the first time they hired through elitmus. After that in last 1 year, Cisco hired thrice through elitmus. Hopefully it will hire soon if they have bulk vacancies. Your logical score seems to be low but still there are chances that you’ll get a call as you will have to go through a test before interview in case of Cisco. However, for other companies, keep applying, you will surely get a call.

i think that Cisco hire candidates from elite colleges.

when you attended cisco drive? i have 99.2,89,80 percentile in quant, logical and english respectively. and i have 66% in and 80+ in 10th and 12th. i am from 2015 CSE batch. can i get calls?

I gave my elitmus test on 5/2/2017.
I scored
Verbal : 45.00- 52.47%
Problem solving: 41.30- 88.19%
Quantitative: 11.30- 57.71%

I have applied to Accenture drive in Bangalore. What are the chances of getting call from Accenture.

Will I get shortlisted?
Please suggest…

Thank you pankaj for keeping my hope alive.

Hey CISCO just came for recruitment? What is there process of hiring? Can you please tell

what type of test? apti or coding?
And what are the following rounds?

how many days after the interview do they call? Its been five days from my interview .