B.TECH 4th sem results are out and that below 6.5

My 4th semester results are out and thats below 6.5CGPA BUT i h’d given the examinations of 5th semester and results can be announced in 1 month but i had applied the CGPA and appearing for the test
So basically i want to know that if i got selected will i be able to appear for an particular company or not who will be asking above 65% but i h’d take test with below 65% how come

will i be facing any difficulty in that or not beacause when i will Appear for an comapany i’ll be surely 65+ in my academics
just wanna to know about this

Thats okay. Companies usually tend to ignore semester-wise GPAs as long as you have a good overall score. Focus on doing your future semester exams well. Try to write improvement exams for fourth semester only if you’re sure that it won’t affect your performance in the current semester.

My query is I am an 5th semester student of btech and recently having 4th sem Marksheet in my hand which is below 65% ,

I will be appearing to the Company rounds only when i’ll be in my 7th semester

At that time my Academics will be above 65% surely… I wanna to know this that when i will apply for a job WHAT ACADEMICS % THE COMPANY WILL CONSIDER THE ONE WHICH I HAD FILLED FORM BY GIVING PH or THE THE COMPANY WILL ASK ME THAT NOW YOU HAVE ABOVE 65% OR NOT WHICH I’LL BE SURELY having at the time of applying.