Attra infotech call letter

I got call from attra infotech . does any one know about interview rounds and process ?

You choose pune location or Hyd Skills?


I too got call letter from Attra Infotech for Pune location. Can anyone tell me interview process…?

i think they mentioned …we will have group discussion and multiple technical rounds …

When applying for attra infotech iam getting error in expected salary(rupees) how can i overcome that

write there as 2.6

I was shortlisted in both tr1 & tr2 when I got the Hr call

when was your interview???can u please share your interview experience

Did u attend at Hyderabad 15 feb?

would u please share ur experience of attra infotech?
which will be helpful for me?

There will be 2 TR rounds. in TR rounds they mostly ask questions regarding ur project, few simple programming,like perfect number or factorial… n few puzzle questions. they concentrate more on hw ur explaining ur project n solving the puzzles.

hello I have attar interview in hyd may I know the gd topic?

Can u give example of puzzle

Can’t specify d puzzle questions… They ask anything… Like we get puzzles in ■■■■■■■■ na… They ask those also… They asked me one puzzle interviewer received on ■■■■■■■■…n one was how many 9’s are there between 1to100…

Watsapp that any one get large puzzles like scoreboard etc.

dont worry abt GD topics if ur communication z gud. u cn pull off any GD. Demonetizatn z one u can get. or dey can ask u choose any topic and speak for few min.or dey can give speak abt ur fav. movie… like dis nly.

akhilesh you got gd result?

Did u get?