Attra Gd

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any body Got the result of gd round on 21-feb-2017 if yes plz do tell_**

I thinks the technicalrounds are on today,tommorow and monday.wait till sunday because monday list will be available on to waiting for the result.

akhilesh so 21 feb result is announced for some peeps…?

Yes.i think tommorwow the other list will to didnot get the call.

Are u in banglore now?

ha ha akhilesh they wont hav any other list just don’t keep false hope now they wont cal bro try for another comp
… yeah i am in banglore only

hello I have attar interview in hyb can I know thw gd topic? and what are the further rounds ?

Gd result is not published till now.did any one get the call?

bro there is one group … BJS on fb it help job seaker… i go through one post c got the result. If they havent announce the result then its gud hen its worth waiting

rekha they give demonitization to me… ur can be different

Will u call elitmus.i also called.but they told me something.but i didnot understand.can u call please.

no one is picking ill try tommrow

GD topics were Social Media and Demonetization. If u clear the same then 2 technical rounds will b there.

Not yet. Waiting…