Attivo networks call for 2nd round

has anyone got call for the secomnd round for the attivo networks held on 11th dec?

No ,still waiting… n wat abt u ??

same here

i am also waiting …what was your location for the written test?

Bangalore …n wat abt u ??

@chetan_3257812 for me also it was in bangalore…did u give coding test for elitmus technology?

No… I got shortlisted but am not able to take elitmus coding test on that day…

its almost 14 days… has anyone got call for second round of attivo?

No😢 @surbhi_3186810 how will we even come to knoe if we are not shortlisted for furthur rounds

yeah… dat is wat my questio is!!

if anyone have got interview call from attivo plwase let us know

hey @surbhi_3186810 did u get result of attivo network?

no…not yet!! the results will be out within frst week of january

ohh thanxxx @surbhi_3186810 do you have any idea regarding webyog?

Guys sorry to say…BT I think u shd nt wait for attivo…Attivo won’t take this much tym.

but they havent taken anyone yet it means they have not announced result…sumit have u appeared for altiostar?