Associate Software Engineer position at Accenture Solutions Pvt ltd in

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Hello Elitmus Team /Dear Forum members

I would like to know more about the Accenture drive happening on 24th November. Can you please enlighten me on it.

  1. What is the mode of drive . will it be a ph test or conducted by Accenture.
  2. if its a ph test , do I have to apply for it beforehand. I want to avoid the last minute rush.
  3. what will be asked in the test is it aptitude / technical/coding or what. No info given.
  4. Will I receive a confirmation from Accenture or litmus for the scheduled drive on 24th . I am very confused. I am highly inclined to take up the selection process but have no idea how to prepare. please enlighten me.
  5. Have not received any email from Accenture nor Elitmus about the drive.

If its a online test what are the requirements. ??

Help me please

First of all your time was wasted. The event already took place and by now it’s probably done and dusted.

Answer to your questions, 1 - pH test, 2 - you need to apply beforehand, 3 - technical & coding, 4 - Confirmation from Accenture directly

did you recieve any mail from accenture ?

I have applied for Accenture drive held on 23rd December 2020 and I want to know about… is it mandatory to take pH test for Accenture interview or else, is it direct interview for Accenture?

No did you receive mail from Accenture?

Still no email regarding the drive

pH score or test is not required. They shortlist on the basis of your resume and requirements. they will take test on their own platform followed by coding, communication assessment and then interview round.

Okay, but i have applied about a month back and still haven’t heard from them.

Dont know why… I dont know on what basis they shortlist and send the link to register.

People randomly are getting test links and are being interviewed. Like it’s not at all sure who will get an email and who won’t

When will we get any information or updates regarding Accenture drive on 16th Jan?

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It’s random some people are getting mails and the others aren’t getting. They are hiring according to their requirement.

From what I’ve heard they give you the admit card 1-3 days before the exams. So I hope we get it during that time period too. Fingers crossed!!

Hoping for the same to receive the admit card this time around.

The job just expired. It’s no longer in my applied jobs. Did it happen with everyone?

Yes, this happend with me also.

Did you recieve any text or mail???

Hey I just Applied this campus drive yesterday , Shall I get email???

My profile shows 73 % complete even when I have filled all the info. Where do we fill mobile number, as it’s always showing msg to fill it but can’t find where?