Associate Engineer at Harman Connected Services


listen just go through the drive u interested in… doesn’t matter if its cisco or harman both are MNC’s


for sure


give ur contact no?


Did u received a invite via Harman that the interview is scheduled at this time for ncr drive…?


Is there any written test…or direct interview.??
They mentioned that there will be a technical.face to face


U gave interview on 10 feb?


No on 3rd feb


How many rounds they took dat day?


2 rounds…when did you give your interview?


10 feb


Hiii guyzz anyone tell me what are types of this two apptitude round is mention
Is there is any technical aptitude round please help me guyzz my drive is on tommrw


Can you tell me something the two apptitude tests ???


Can u tell me something about the apti test
What are the topics and is there thechnical apti also ???


practice c++ mcq…you should be through


I given interview on 7th feb. They took technical,managerial round.After any rounds r there any one got offereletter in these days.


have you got any link from accenture regarding Document submission ??
also accenture will call you only when they need you it may take months and even years , I asked a guy who`s working in accenture he got his joining letter after 2 years .So keep looking for jobs elsewhere dont depend on accenture as it will take time.