Associate Engineer at Harman Connected Services

did any one attented the Harman Associate engineer drive.

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Waiting for Managerial round call

okay… but listen i want to attend the drive on sunday 10th feb so could you please tell me that hows your interview. and about all the process

Focus on c++/c
Do basic programming questions
I was told to write the logic of palindrome numbers.

Depends…There were two panels…one in which they asked about c++ and in another just discussions about your project…not much technical…so depends on the panel you get into i would say

okay i more question the level of questions are basic or advance .

Basics of c/c++ along with basic programming skills

All the rounds happen on same day? Technical Managerial and HR?

Managerial round is left

but its shown
he ask dot net/java…

its for profile 2
tell me about how i prepare for java/.net

i think some basic topics of java programming

If u know den tell some topic …

Any idea

like oops concept , some string manipulation questions

Tq can I ask ur no

For more details…

Can anyone please tell how much time does this technical interview of Harman takes roughly?

I have been shortlisted by Harman and the interview is on 10th feb 10 o’ clock,cisco shortlists me out of nowhere and its technical round is on 10th as well but it being 2:30 pm. What do i now?I have not accepted Cisco’s invite though.