We probe around the globe!!

About the team

We work on delivering assessments online in a plethora of skills ranging from the common and, often, apparently mundane to downright exotic! That’s right! From communication and aptitude, through technology skills and domain skills, all the way to behavioural traits like measuring calmness and trustworthiness.

And by the way, we work across man-made national borders and across dialects, delivering our assessments to clients in 29 countries (including China…. Shh!!) in 4 languages (English, Japanese, Mandarin and Spanish)

This is the team of, and for, the digital age… And we can prove it…

  • We adopted the cloud way back, when most people thought that all that cloud stood for was that fluffy white thingie in the sky.
  • We’ve been leveraging analytics for a decade now. It’s a way of life for us, not a fad! To give you an idea - without knowing the subject, our platform can identifying questions which are not relevant to a subject and ones which have been shared among the candidate pool !!
  • We swear by 3 words: automation, automation and automation…
  • Our customers are always right, even when they are not! But we’ve figured out a way to ensure that delivering value is independent of whether they are or not. How? That’s a secret!
  • We treat each question in our content portfolio as a student. The errant ones are punished. The good and disciplined ones are rewarded. How? Again a secret!

We are the cool dudes of eLimus

The other teams in eLitmus will not like this (specially the tech geeks who in any case believe that they are uber-cool when they are so not), but it’s safe to say that we are by far the coolest team in the organization. The Khoday’s Club and Cofi Club have taken their baby steps here and are now patronized by the entire organization. So what can bring you here?

What gets you into the team

  • We are not looking for an Einstein (though we won’t say no), but you must have good to excellent analytical abilities.
  • We detest the I know it all kinds! We seek those with the will and fanatical desire to question, explore and learn.
  • The purest form of love should be reserved for people. Though a deep love for numbers and data may find you well suited for some roles here.
  • We do not differentiate between the strong, silent types and the chatterboxes. As long as you can comprehend and articulate in English (yeah, sorry! But sometimes pragmatism has its uses), you’ll find yourself at home.
  • Passion is both overrated and abused. Whatever your interpretation may be, if you don’t find this team and your work exciting enough to wake up each morning with a smile, this is so not the place for you.