Does anyone whoever came Aptean on 16th sept (fresher) from Bangalore got mail for further round(s)?

No, looks like they didn’t like our handwriting :sob: :sob:

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what rounds did you have on 16th? on 15th people had a written test and then technical interviews.

We had only 1st round online test of 22mins 50 questions and in 2nd round we had pen paper test with 19 questions having total marks of 23 (3rd round for 15th sept candidate). Out of station students had rest rounds on very same day, rest of us were told to leave as result will be announced (through mail or call) on tuesday or wednesday.

Are you selected (placed) in aptean?

no im waiting for the same, they told you that the results would be announced by wednesday?

yes, they told me…

its wednesday, any update?

not yet… still waiting… have anyone give interview rounds for webyog earlier… if anyone please share your experience…

Has anyone got selected?

still waiting, has anyone tried to contact the hr?

My status in the job section has changed. Check yours.

has changed to what?

It’s been changed to Not Selected.
Are there anyone from 15th sept drive who got selected.

When u had your interview 15th or you had your written tests on 16th?

On 15th I had all the interviews.

when your status was changed to such ?

I found it changed this morning

Oh I see… Mine still its attended…

I talked to an elitmus person he said the final results are not yet out.

has anyone got a call yet?