Aptean interview

Do anyone appeared for the Aptean technical interview in Delhi on 11 Nov ??

Yeah but didnt qulified for the interview.
was rejected after technical test only.
Story of my life

How many students qualified after technical written test??

Technical written was the mass elimination round.Only 9 people were selected after this.

Did they take HR round on the same day?

Yeah !!

After technical interview what they said to u
Leave for the day hr will contact u…
Or u had HR interview there?


Had my HR. But she told that result will be announced by next week.
How many round did you have?

I gave technical interview then the interviewer said HR is not here so u now leave for the day…HR will contact u

U r talking about GTBIT college ,Delhi ??

Yes bro.

Was your exm in morning 9:30?

No. At 10.15
But if im not wrong, Result of both batches was announced at the same time. Were you one out of 9 selected for F2F rounds??

Yes… they called me first on for technical interview…

How was ur interview ?

Dont know bro.
But i had technical and Managerial round back to back. But had to wait for HR for 2 hours.

Okie that’s why may b they r not sure about HR is coming or not…may b they sent me…i will call them 2mmrow.

Can u remember they announced name Nikhil Verma for managerial round??

No. Sorry bro.

Its okie bro

hr round happened at the last for few guys.

Around what time??