Aptean India Pvt Ltd

Is there anyone who has recieved Interview invite ?
Howz the company ?

I am waiting too
Did anyone get the call? If so please share your percentile in all the three

I am too waiting for the call, please notify if anyone succeeds to get one

Mee too waiting . Whats the criteria ?

Did anyone get the call yet?

I got d interview call just now for aptean but before the main interview they will conduct Home aptitude and coding test Tuesday i.e., tomorrow at 6 pm. Then d one who clears this round will have a rigorous technical test followed by rigorous technical interviews and shall include design and data structure questions in this round.

I think it’s on the 13th (Wednesday) ,please confirm


I too got the interview call.
i am a non-IT students, i am asking you people, should i go for the interview??

what were your scores ?

I too got the call…The online test is on 12

what were your scores @nikhil

verbal 73 percentile
PS 65 percentile
quants 76 percentile

I got a call too. There is a online programming test tomorrow and they will give some instructions by 5:30. If cleared, round 2 will tale place between 15-16 sept.

I want to know what should I study for this exam. What kind of questions they ask, does anyone have an idea?

what are your scores and at what time exactly u received the mail?

My scores are
Quant 98
Reasoning 91
English 81

I received the mail an hour ago

ok good, does everyone get mail at the same exact time if shortlisted??

Does anyone with experience have received the call for interview?

What is your preferred location -Delhi or Bangalore?

Go through oops, Data structures , OS , pointers for interview


I received the mail 2 hours ago. what should i prepare for the online test?? for coding??