Aptean drive on 11th

Guys could anyone please tell me whole procedure who have already attended the drive before.
what would be the topics they ask and their difficulty level.
Thank you in advance.

@devanshi_3374356 @palak_2926181 guys can you please highlight the process you went through… It would be very helpful

the process is like first round will be online aptitude test. It will be of moderate level .
Then 2nd round will be written technical in which they will give you some Technical MCQ questions and some codes to write. Then after clearing these rounds there will be F2F technical and MR rounds accordingly… they r focussing mainly on technical knowledge.
All de best to you…:slight_smile:

would the mcq questions be in C/C++ or java.
Or mixed?

Did you get the interview call?
I applied today afternoon and my scores are good(85,85,99). When can I expect the interview call?

Process -


All the best!

My score is-
Verbal- 99.56
Problem Solving- 97.90
Quant- 83.30
Can I expect to be called?
and is my score a good score(I’m worrying about quant)?

Thanks @palak_2926181 :slight_smile: @wali_3319673

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@palak_2926181 In F2F technical are there any specific topics…?

how much time the whole process of aptean 'll take??