Apostek Joining date & recruitment

Does anyone have any idea of recruitment process of #Apostek…if have please share.

first written coding round consisting of 1 algoithm rest coding questions.after this f2f(No of rounds varies) typically its 3 rounds.

On which coding site …will have to code?

It’s paper based offline test.

How many questions are necessary to cross the cutoff?..and how many questions will be?

Cut off isn’t disclosed.

Please tell me total no of questions and its question types in first round of technical

There are no mcqs you have to write code for given question… It’s algorithm based covering ds topics mainly. Eg how to insert node in a bst.

Will have to write functions only or have to write whole program.?

I wrote full programs. I don’t see how this should affect you.

Are you working at there…?

Joining there on 3rd July

Can you please send me your skillset details?

they multiple tech . java spring struts , android ,ios , ui dev.

Have you also mentioned experience in these technologies?