Anyone have any idea or clue about " Game Test" of Accenture ? If yes then pls share...your efforts will be much more appreciated .Thank you

Game Test of Accenture on 8th Jan…If anyone have some topics pls share

bro i have one question… game test means will they ask questions on games??

No man its kind test

i think people who have not met the accenture criteria with what the scores we have they are asking to writes us this game test and no body have any idea about this.and it is mentioned like if we clear this game test we will be called for the interview on 15th

We’ve to give these game test from home. Right ??

@harinkhede_3277693 You’re right buddy! you have to take this game test right from your home. Accenture will send you a link regarding this test in your registered email id. So, keep monitoring your email account on 8th Jan 8:30 am onwards.

Have you asked the elitmus officials regarding game test?

Nopes, I didn’t ask them. Although it’s clearly written in admit card that how this game test gonna carried out.

@jayant_3239423 Thanks buddy :slight_smile:

@shubham_3025734 what type of questions this game test have. Can you please share?