Anyone got offer from bidgely drive on 10 july?

Anyone got offer later??

Have you cleared all the rounds bro?

Yess bro…

Unless you had an interview with Nithin (head of data science team) ,I don’t think the offer will be made

Why bro?

Especially for the data analyst role,he will only make the final decision I think

Okay, I guess it might not be the case. I had my final round with QA Director. Though I was interviewed for SDET.

He took my interview bro…

You got offer or not?

Not yet. Have you got?

Nope buddy…
What they said to u?

HR told me that we’ll get the letter before Monday. He’ll try to send as soon as possible.

This man told me elitmus will contact you

Whats the interview process??

1st Round - Written Test (14 Basic aptitude questions along with a scenario based test case question).
2nd Round - Technical face to face interview.
3rd Round - Another technical face to face interview.
Final Round - Face to face interview with the QA Director or Head of Data Science Team based upon the respective role that you’ll be interviewed for. It is basically an HR ■■■ technical interview.

Note - All the rounds are elimination in nature.

All the best!

can you tell me what questions were asked in technical interview??

Did anyone get called for interviews after 10th July?

No all of my interview done on same day

Hi How to prepare for SQL technical interview?