Anyone got call letter for Accenture which is on 19 nov

If yes then Please tell me your total score.

Hi…I got a call…but i guess this is a non-technical profile…
Do you have any idea, if we can re-apply for future profiles with Accenture once we accept this interview call? Because, I think we will be able to apply for ASE profile only after 3 months from now,if we accept this.

is the recruitment is only for girls???

Can you tell me what accenture ASE IT service profile type of questions asked in non-technical test?

ASE is associate Software Engineer.
They wont’t be asking ASE questions in IT operations…
These are 2 very different profiles.
But could you please clarify if we will able to apply for ASE once we accept IT operations? I am confused…

How many times a person sits in accenture drive.Is there any condition???