Anyone got call form National Instruments.?

Hello guys anyone got call from National Instruments.?

No ravi…i have justt applied for NI…u gott ah???

No… Did any one got call for Harman tmrw interview??

no i am also waitning…

National Instruments ( 9.6 LPA)- Mechanical
You will call sure score enough above 165 to 304 good wont calls…

What is the minimum score for getting Harman call?? Anyone have idea???

I too appplied… But i guess they wont call CS folks…

I have shortlisted for National Instruments ( 9.6 LPA)- Mechanical tomorrow 2pm So please anyone provide question related ask before that mail wont calls…

Does national instruments call mechanical guys?i thought they mentioned only ece and instrument branches

i got a call for national instruments im from cs, can i apply? if i apply will they shortlist me for the interview?

There are few startups from Bangalore who call, National instrument provides the highest package of about 9.6 LPA, rest up to your score Call fir interview calls shortlisted @sushma_3287377

Most probably they won’t but you can always try.

i got interview letter from NI

which college? and which branch?

they didnt mention mechanical but…

I got interview call from NI. My percentile is 99

i am ece …mine about 120+

No college doubt, CP branch is the best in Banglore onlyi.

I got interview call for NI.

Can someone shed light on how the interview is conducted?

Are they looking for person with core proficiency or good coding skills?

i got call from national instruments .Anyone can brief me about the main topics they are going to cover in the written test