Anyone got any information or pattern of Game Test? Pls Share


have any of you received game test mail yet?

anybody received mail link for game test??

How much score you got in elitmus test ?

Noops I am still waiting


No, still waiting

how much time we have to wait guys…i am veryyy scary about xam…

don’t know bro,I also…

can we take the test at any time within today once the mail is received? pls let me know

Not yet @evuri_3248319 but i’ve sent a mail to and request all of you to drop a mail regarding the concern.

anyone got any information regarding the test today
they mentioned in admit card as from 8:30 am , they will be sending an email regarding this test today

I too don’t have any idea about time slot but according to one of my friend who attend accenture drive on 7 Jan , these test is only Important for low overall pH scorer ,those who have good pH score need nothing to worry about it.[Even he did’nt gave such test before interview]

Hey bro u got the game test link?

Frds be patient accenture will send us the link…they have already mentioned everything in admit card that keep refreshing for 2 hours from 8:30… @chinary_3131054 sending mail on this will not help bec elitmus is not organising this test accenture is organising this game test

guys, if any one got the link just screen short the link and then you please take ur xam…

Amy got the mailss


if any gets kep posting her plzzz must do it

Is there any facebook grp for accenture 15th jan off campus drive