Anyone got any information or pattern of Game Test? Pls Share

Tomorrow will be the game test

In facebook bjs group ppl said its a puzzle game…accenture sky journey is a puzzle game…may be they will ask that puzzle to play…

i can tat at home ryt???
y they provided the admit card??
any info regarding the test i.e about wat it ll b ?

Bro,They provide admit card for the 15jan interview.

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but the date is mentioned as 8th bro

and one more doubt…for those who got mentioned as elimination round can they attend ???
if they perform well will they go to face to face??

In your admit card are they mentioned it is an elimination round??

There is no venue mentioned for the 15th event right


if i get selected in game test ill get the venue for 15th

in my admit card its in written

Criteria : “Game Test” is non-elimination round for you

Have you got the details of tom game test after the text message?

I got a email followed by 2 SMS about Test Game, in which it clearly stats that email will be sent on 8th jan and do check your Spam Mails.

can u tell me click about pic and show the the sms and email

this is what I got Yesterday.

and I deleted both the sms.

bro i didnt get any maill

i only got a sms frm accenture for further rounds

i also got only sms…i didnt get any mail…

time from 8:30 to…?

have any of you received game test mail yet??