Anyone got a callback from Cron J after today's coding test?

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I solved one out of the two questions asked.
Technical went pretty well too I guess.
He just said “We’ll let you know.”. I know it’s a little childish but what could that possibly mean? :smiley: Did anyone get a callback?

Still better than “You may leave for the day” :rofl:
You might hear back for HR.

Lets see what others faced.

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I have solved all the questions including one more that he asked me personally and there was no technical round there after, he told me to submit my resume only and said “We will let you know by the email”. I am confused now.

What questions did you get?
Also, there wasn’t a separate round or anything. Just a casual chat about my resume and a little about time complexity in the triplets program.
The one I couldn’t get was the Prim’s algorithm variation one.

My question wasn’t the same as yours , my first question was to make two strings anagram of each other by removing minimum possible character from both the strings also string size may vary. Second question had a string that represents crayons pointing either upwards or downwards I needed to make all the crayons point at the same direction by fliping minimum set of consecutive crayons. Can you please define the prime algorithm variation problem?, It’s just that I want to know the problem and . After your casual chat with them what did they tell you after that?

Given a matrix C of costs, and a position (m, n) in C, write a function that finds the minimum cost of the path from 0,0 to m, n. Another constraint was that you are only allowed to move from left to right, up to down and diagonal.

From what I was able to understand, this needed some sort of greedy mechanism. But I couldn’t figure it out entirely within the hour.

The entire technical ‘interview’ lasted for about 2 minutes. So I’m not sure if that was that. But they asked for my resume and said “that’s it for today. We’ll let you know.”

Same thing is happened here,i solve both questions and also explain well,after that they asked me one another simple question (print odd number without using if condition) . By completing this, he take my resume and said that we will inform u…Still waiting…!!!

Can you elaborate on the questions you got?

The same two questions as the above @shashikant_3325019 was described .

Any one got call?

Yeah. I got the call. Any one else?
It’s at 1:30pm tomorrow and I have another company (Exa AG) at 8:30am. And it could take long as there are multiple rounds at Exa.
Anyone else in the same boat?

Yes,same boat! :frowning:

U did both the code?

Yeah, crayons and anagram.

Where are you going then? CronJ or Exa AG? The timing is very tight. I’ve asked for a little time.

Morning ExaAG, afterwards as it takes, CronJ people didn’t accept for my requests. So I only have to balance some how. :slightly_smiling_face:

you were at 11:30 slot ?

you got the call ?

CronJ coding was at 3pm

Yes and is Tommorow,but i have another drive(Exa ag)