Anyone got 10 january 2021 ph test result?

i requested to you please upload ph test conduct on 10 january 2021


Yes , I am also waiting for the result

When will the results be announced for jan 10 exam?

no, waiting

When they upload results of 10 January 2021 ???

Anyone got pH test result conducted on 10th of Jan 21 ??

Yes, I am also waiting for the result.

I am also waiting gor results conducted on 10 jan 21

why they are taking so much time ? so many drives are getting expired ?

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When result is arrived many of company drive is going to expire.
what was the fast caricullum to get ph score !


same waiting for the one

Hi anyone get results ?? 10 jan 2021 pH test

Nope, waiting for the results

No, Still waiting

Does anyone know when the result will come?

Is there any other way through which we can reach them out ??

still waiting

anyone got result ??

No, still waiting

When they will publish the results?