Anyone for Remaxys,noida?

Does anyone call the interview letter from Remaxys?..if yes, how are you guys preparing?

I have attended last drive of Remaxys. So let me tell you the procedure they follow.
The first round will be Online Java developer screening test – 45 MCQs from Java (around 15+ from Collection framework)and 4 coding problems (Easy) total time-130 mins.(90 mins-Coding and 40 mins for MCQs)
The next would be a pen paper based round in which they give you to write 2 programs of moderate difficulty(in our case-Both were based on Collection-one from List and one from Map) and 3 SQL queries.
then there would be a F2F round.
Note:- The interview procedure of Remaxys is tough. They shortlist only 2-3 out of 40-60 candidates for next coding round and then even lesser candidates for technical interview. you must have perfect knowledge of collections framework .

Thank you for the advice!