Any one get interview call for 25th feb accenture drive?

Did anyone get interview call for 25th feb accenture drive who have given elitmus exam on 12th feb ?
My score is 131
quant - 84
ps - 54
verbal - 86

I am also waiting for interview call for 25th feb accenture drive.
my score is 161.

did anyone get call for 25th ?

I didn’t received Interview call for 25th Feb Accenture Drive.
Can anyone please help me with this?

What’s your score

Pls Make sure dat…ur’s Colge name should be there in the Accenture Colge list…Otherwise they wont shortlist…

when can we expect a call for interview…i mean they should send it by tomorrow max…

my college name is there in the college list also I have 120+ score in elitmus and 70* score in acadmics but still didn’t get interview call?
before how many days of Interview they send te interview call??

What u people got at Accenture column (either Not shortlisted or Applied) in job portal… Check it once

I got a call

What was your score rajat in percentage wise in all sections

U will get the admit card one day before to the interview…if u are shortlisted…

can u plzz tell me your score …today i got elitmus result i got 94% in probelm solving and 30% verbale and quant-18% is there any chances to get call letter

I gave elitmus test on 19th Feb, got my result today.
My scores are quant-94,verbal-96,problem solving-99.9

Can i get shortlisted now?
My preferred location is bangalore.

You have a good percentile but this drive is for delhi location so may be they won,t shortlist you becoz you preferred banglore location also your college name should be there in their college list

My score is
quant - 84
ps - 56
verbal - 86 My total score is 131.
If your total get more than 120+ then you have a good chance :slight_smile:

quant -84
ps- 54
verbal - 86

Good …can u do me a favor Plzz just me how to prepare and if u have material just send me at

I didn’t follow any particular material.

All I did is just practiced some question in elitmuszone for problem solving and quant.

First ensure to clear all the basic concepts. Start with ArunSharma’s CAT quant and reasoning.
Then do as many problems as possible.Focus more on accuracy than attempts.

Do all the puzzles in Elitmuszone, so that you can get the hang of them.

For verbal, it totally depends on your reading skills.

Good luck!!

Hey…these are percentile scores or actual marks obtained in each section?