Any jobs if I am from mechanical

I am from mechanical deptt, can I expect a call from elitmus. I have no issues working in IT. I am eager to learn anything in IT. No prior language or coding knowledge.

Yes, there are jobs (but a very few of them) which have any stream in their eligibility criteria.
But you will still need some technical knowledge on atleast basics of C, C++, Java, SQL

Thank you for the reply. I don’t have knowledge about any of these. So, would I need to study the basics of any one of these or every one?

You have to study basics of all. C, Java and SQL
Don’t worry, for service based companies they will not ask you very tough question, they will know from your resume that you are non-CS background.

You should learn to write easy programs in C, and JAVA.
There are many websites where you will get interview questions.
Example- Browse through the website, you will find many questions of various companies.