Annual Outing @Cordelia

eLitians as a team deliver on an impossible assignment thrown at eLitmus. Party time - Goa here we come

A news splash on drug bust educates us about Cordelia cruises. The cruise looks tempting. Villain the budget. Some hard negotiations and optimisation later “Cordelia cruises” here we come . All eLitians told “See you at Sea”

D day arrives, journey to Mumbai begins from 11 different airports across India (we are in work from home mode)

Cordelia the beauty outside.

Cordelia the beauty inside, literally the luxurious floating hotel

Wide buffet spreads and gorging over them for hours ensured airlines had to carry quiet a significant extra weight back. I am sure lots of us hit the treadmill post return. Obsessed with being fit - but that is a different story for another day.

Top deck of the ship - had a swimming pool , lounge , and restaurant . This is where we hung out for most of the time. And in night, danced to some cool music by in house DJ.

The theater which hosted us to a wonderful drama “Balle Balle” - probably the best production any one of us had seen. It also was the venue for a dance/ choreography called Indian Cinemagic Show.

Though there was no network, our cool tech team still hosted an Online quiz. An e-battle between Pirates of Arabian, Oceamus and Akraman of Ackrammans.

With the greatness of the sea, came the idea of playing hide and seek but again the game has its own curve.

All fun and no learning again makes our Jack, a dull boy. Every Jack has great ideas and here we were exchanging all of it.

Mumbai was a great host. No Monday blues when coming back from a fun-filled trip of sea, food and good times.