Amadeus Software Call 17th Feb

I have got the call for 20th Jan drive. But I did not accepted or rejected the call. I am not able to apply for the drive which is on 17th Feb. Can my Application will get considered for this drive. Please help me in this.

You can apply only once.
I think you will get the call. Wait and see till the 15th.

Thanks for responding. Has it happened with u that u got the call after u declined or did nothing?

I have never done this. But many of my friends who declined/did nothing, did get calls later.

Ya Thank you Very much bro.

Bro, can you give me the number of your friend who got the call after he did nothing. because I am still in the confused state and wanted to ask him that what he did for it. It would be great help.

They did nothing bro.
Actually, every company’s policy is different.

I asked them about this, they say the new call automatically came up for the next drive date. I think you should wait till 14/15.

Thanks bro

Have You given the interview for Amadeus

I am a 2017 fresher and Amadeus want 1 year experience.

bro, my status is not shortlisted. I think they have not shortlisted me.

Oh, then you will not get the call in future also.
It happens bro. I have also got a lot of “Not Shortlisted” statuses.

Is it that if once you get ‘Not Shortlisted’ they will never consider your application for further drives?

If you are “Not Shortlisted” that is a rare chance of getting a call from that company in the future.