Amadeus final offer/rejection

Did anybody (who appeared till the final round) hear from Amadeus at all after 24th March? Did anyone get selected in the previous drives? How long later were you all informed of your selection? Did anyone get rejected after final round? Did they inform you that? How long later? Or never?

Nope. They said they’d get in touch within the coming week. But it’s been almost 2 weeks now. Not sure whom we can contact to get the results.

I have tried contacting everywhere that I could. The person who sent the test link. The hr who interviewed. But no response. Please keep me posted if you hear from them.

I got the offer letter via email today. So you should hear from them soon, if you haven’t already.

That’s really good. Congratulations.
Haha, maybe not if I’m not selected. (Though I did have a good interview.) Do keep me posted if you hear of whether they are informing rejections as well.

Probably not the right platform to say this but can you please accept the fb message request so that I can talk there without increasing the string of comments here?