Today is the last day to apply did anyone got the call yet


not yet


No not yet


Not yet.


i got at 6pm…


I got.


i got. tomorrow 6pm


I m shortlisted.But do we have to be present in Bangalore?? bcz the mail says to be present at the venue,while in d site it is given it is an online test. Anyone know what it will be exactly?


I also got interview at 7.30pm today


I am also having same doubt…please clarify…


No, for online test you don’t need to be in Bangalore, the link for test will be mailed by 1pm tommorow.
But for further rounds you have to be here.


ok. Thank you


You need to be present at the venue with a printout of the hall ticket generated from the jobs-> apply section of your eLitmus account on:
Date: 27/Dec/2016
Time: 6:00 pm

This is there in the e-mail…What it means???
Here venue??


I have shortlisted for AltioStar, tomorrow i have having test on c/c++. So please anyone provide question related ask before that.


how many would be shortlisted for this? any idea .?


The first step is the online test( needs to be taken from home), which is mentioned in the admit card. This is their formality that they need admit card to be downloaded and acceptance of job process.
Once you clear the test, they will invite you for the further interview process at Bangalore office.


Hey Nidhi, have you got any idea of the kind of the questions,that will be asked in the online test? They’ve just mentioned the syllabus: C,C++ and fundamentals of computer science.


Do we want to take Admit Card printout for today??? Hope for the further rounds right???


What are ur scores?


Hey friends, I too got the mail from altiostar which said to confirm the presence until 10.30 but unfortunately due to Internet down in our area since last night I got the mail at 10.45 in the morning and now I am not able to confirm for the interview. Anybody has an idea what to do now?