After Elitmus How many rounds are there of Accenture..?

Frds Pls share the experience …who have attended their drive on 7th Jan…??

After getting shortlisted they said u vil be having tech nd hr…but there is only one panel where two persons are there…at a time they will be calling 5 persons in the cabin…they just asked self intro,talk about a topic for 3 to 4 mnts,did u think u vil get offer letter today,what will be ur preparation if u got selected for the accnture in a month to join…they just see ur communication,confidence,accuracy,fluencyy…

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Any technical questions…??

The topic is technical related or current affair.

so what are your chances?

is there any written technical???

No nthng like that…nly one intrvw

@k_anusha_3086849 they take one candidate for a interview at once or they take a group interview…??

like apart from “tell me something about yourself” and “speak on one random topic” anything else they ask …like about ur project or about accenture…???

There were 3 or 4 panel of interviewer different panel have different questions some r asking about project and some r taking only general hr questions
(given some situations and ask what will you do,your strength, weakness, about Accenture

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Yes ur right @chandan_3221614

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Only person at a time is interviewed by the interviewers or 4-5 Candidate at a time… pls reply @chandan_3221614

Only person at a time is interviewed by the interviewers or 4-5 Candidate at a time… pls reply

C they vil call 5 persons at a time…2 hr persons vl be there…they vl ask one question for all the 5 nd next other question for all the 5…repeats…got it

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Got it …thanks

hello sir/madam
my mark overall is 90
will i get call letter from any company

Please provide some more details about your score.
Section wise percentile will be easier to help.

overall percentile

will i get any call letter or jobs for this mark

Sorry, you won’t get calls.
You have negative in Problem Solving.

You have to prepare better and take the test again.
Need at least 85 percentiles in all sections to get calls.