Admit card not received yet

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Hii guyz,

tomorrow i have scheduled my phTest. Still now I have not recieved my admit card. What shall I do?? I am eligible for all conditions??

Someody Please suggest What shall I do?? I have already paid the exam fees. my registration number is EL544449982530

I am trying to reach out . But I am not able to connect.

Hi Disharee,
Isn’t there an option to request admit card?
Admit card is sent to your registered email id.
Usually by Friday night admit cards are available.

no there is no option of requesting. There is no failure message in process also

kindly check my screenshot

What happens when you click Download Admit Card?

the message is coming that the admit card will be sent to my registered email id
. just check the alert message

kindly suggest me

Are they not sending it to your email id?
Check all the folders in your gmail.
Maybe it is going into spam/junk.

nope. It has not come

If i go without admit card will they allow me?? After all its not my fault

I have no idea whether they will allow or not.
They are very strict with document verification though.
Try after 12:00, maybe it might work.

i have been trying from past 2 days but unable to download

Have you tried calling them?
It is strange that the option to Reschedule is still present.
Reschedule option is usually disabled 2 days before the test date.

I tried. But I am not able to reach them

All we can do is wait and try tomorrow morning.
If it fails, then make sure you take all your documents for verification.
Keep your account logged in via phone to show them at the test center.

Hii disharee, same with me. I have my test scheduled for today 10 AM and still have not received the admit card. I have also tried to contact them numerous times, still no reply. Can you please tell me the exam centre in Bangalore.

@shubham_3302265 @disharee_3167557
Were you guys able to appear for your tests?