Did anyone get a call from addnode(technia transcat)???


yes!!! I have an interview call on 16th july!!!


I too have a call… Anyone from Pune going? Im not sure if ill go!


How many candidates will be there? Also I don’t know the no. of vacancies???thinking if I will be going all d from kolkata


anyone from delhi attending dis drive?


I am from Delhi… but can’t decide whether to attend or not


From what I can gather, the no of vacancies will not be more than 1 or 2.Because they recruited 2-3 people in their on campus drives.


yup… me


Does anyone know the basic interview questions of Addnode? I hope there are only 2 rounds of interview


Heyy the interview location is Banglore or pune? What is given on the admit card? Coz m from pune…@teli