Addnode India (Technia Transcat) 11th Jul 2017

Hey guys, I’ve got a call from technia transcat. Wanted to know more about their interview process and other related things.

your score?

QA - 83, PS- 93, VA-60
QA-80, PS-55, VA-94.

What about you? Do you have any idea regarding interview process?

No score. july2nd i wrote exam. but in glassdoor it says not good compnay bro.

OK, thanks.

I got a call .
Do you know that is it a one day process or two day?

I don’t know exactly. Mostly it should be one day.

Any body going to attend addnode interview.Going to mumbai from bangalore .pls let me know.

Hello ,I am staying in bangalore.Anybody going to attend addnode interview at mumbai.pls let me know .I am going from bangalore to mumbai.
Contact me :7097754527

Hi! Can you please tell me the exact format of elitmus pH test. I’m going to write it on 23rd July. How many sections are there? Site says only 3 ( QA Reasoning and VA) but some of the students have marks for computer engineering and computer science as well. Please tell me is it 5 section test or just 3? I’m an EC graduate.

Only 3 sections .qa,ps and va.

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Thanks bro!

I am from the core branch and don’t have any knowledge about any programming language. Is it worth to go for interview there? also what if i decline the interview call?

They will ask you to solve some programming problems there.